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Volt is proud to be a affordable provider of Premium Cloud VPS/VDS instances, we enable you to host almost every application you want, at a price you can afford.

Amsterdam, London, Dublin, North America

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We breathe innovation and take our servers seriously!

Spark your experience!

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Volt offers a platform that has been built from the ground up to provide a premium, secure, and solid environment for Minecraft server hosting.

Amsterdam, London, Dublin, North America

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Build around Gamers, by Gamers.

We believe that the best server a moneys worth can buy is a server that perfectly balances reliability, performance and simplicity of management - we welcome you to Volt now you know what we do here.

Our proprietary control panel takes care of the simplicity of management, it's updated and improved continiously to continue to Spark the experience of our Clients

Power Hardware

We run only the latest Intel Xeon Blade Servers series hardware with DDR3 memory on SSD drives for optimal performance for your server.

Global Location

Our servers sit in the best datacenters in France, UK and the US for global connectivity and low pings for your players.

Good Support

We provide all of our customers, prospective and current with progressive support solutions to fit their needs, not ours.

Awesome Panel

Our in-house feature-packed control panel allows users to quickly manage and deploy their servers than at the leading server host. Also, it's pretty!

Kickass Networks

We host our servers only on the best network. This means better pings, better connections, and no packet loss. Check out our track record if you don't believe us.

Trusted Company

Trusted by over 17,000 customers for their Server needs since March 2010.

  • 1024MB

    • 1 CPU
    • 1024MB Ram
    • 15GB SSD Diskspace
    • 2TB Traffic
  • 2048MB

    • 2 CPU
    • 2048MB Ram
    • 25GB SSD Diskspace
    • 4TB Traffic
  • 4096MB

    • 4 CPU
    • 4096MB Ram
    • 40GB SSD Diskspace
    • 5TB Traffic
  • 8192MB

    • 4 CPU
    • 8192MB Ram
    • 60GB SSD Diskspace
    • 7TB Traffic

Who we are.

Volt Host is a progressive server provider striving to provide exceptional services to it's 98 (and growing) base of active monthly customer at an extremely affordable level. Volt puts a lot of effort and time into Customer Service, the main priority is making sure there is always a way to contact us and each client is receiving the support he or she needs.

No matter if you're running a small gameserver, a large gameserver, a small website, building the next big thing, selling SaaS, playing hide and seek with Linux or something in between, we've got something awesome here for you.